What She Deserves

cover for what she deservesTitle: What She Deserves
Series: Tallwood Tall Tales #1
Published by: Meankitty Publishing
Release Date: October 2017
Contributors: Jody Wallace
Pages: 130
ISBN13: 9798201589950
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Then: Geeky science nerds. Now: Most Likely to Fall in Love

At seventeen Winifred Sampson was sure of three things. She was a nerd, she hated Peter Duvall, and her crush on the quarterback would never be reciprocated. Ten years later, she can safely revise two of those constants. She’s a sexy, self-confident woman, more than woman enough to seduce a former high school football player. She doesn’t spare a thought for that turkey Peter…until she sees him at the reunion.

My, how he’s grown!

Peter never cared that he and Winnie were the class nerds. So they were smart. So they didn’t have dates. Big deal. Now they’re both smart and successful. She was always his fantasy girl, and he’s decided to make a few of his own dreams come true…in the most carnal way possible.

All he has to do is convince her he’s graduated—with honors—from dud to stud.

Warning: This title contains explicit sexuality, bad dancing, and man-on-door violence.

Author's Note: This novella was originally published by Samhain Publishing. This edition has been reedited, reformatted, and re-covered but has not been substantially altered.

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