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The Cattiest Freelance Editor You’ll Ever Need!

Hello, Meankitty Editing. Writing and crocheting just aren’t enough for me, folks! I’m also freelancing as an editor. I’m most familiar with the romance and sf/f genres but would happily help you with other types of writing if you feel my editing style would suit you. This includes your website copy, bios, synopses, query letters, and so on. If you need an editor with an eye for historical accuracy or a science background, however, I am probably not your girl.

I’ll be offering line/content edits, copyedits, and proofreads using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes and CMS 16 and my brain and the Google.

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Need some references first? Can’t blame ya!

When it comes to grammar, Jody reigns supreme. But that’s not all. She has a discerning eye for detail. Whether it’s plot, setting, or characterization, her insight can enrich and strengthen your story. If you are serious about improving the quality of your writing and willing to do the hard work it takes to get there, then I highly recommend Jody!
Monica McCabe, author of the Jewel Intrigue Series at Lyrical Press

Jody Wallace has a great eye for detail. Applying her own vast experience in Paranormal and Sci-Fi Romance, she doesn’t just make sure your work is polished, professional, and error free, she will ensure your worldbuilding is thorough, consistent, and captivating for your readership. She’ll also apply her editorial guidance to ensure your heroes and heroines stay true to character and come alive on the page.
D.B. Sieders, author of the Southern Elemental Guardians series

Jody Wallace is not only a great proofreader, she provides excellent feedback on plot and characters. She also has a keen eye for worldbuilding. She will gently guide you to make your story so much better simply by asking questions you’d never think to ask. I can’t recommend her enough.
Angela Campbell, author of The Psychic Detective series

You know how some editors focus on technical proficiency to the detriment of your voice? Yeah, Jody Wallace doesn’t do that. She knows how to keep you grammatically correct, with all the important commas and hyphens in the right places, without draining the personality that makes your work yours. For clean, smart results, you can’t do better than Jody!
Natalie Damschroder, author of YA and Urban Fantasy

Jody is one of the most insightful and intuitive people I’ve ever had read my work. Not only does she have the skills and knowledge for the mechanics of writing, but her keen eye and mind pick up on things you didn’t realize you had going on. Or didn’t have, as the case may be. She sets you straight on grammar and punctuation while asking all the right questions regarding content. Her suggestions are spot on, and I’ve incorporated more than a few in my stories. Jody’s attention to detail and sense of humor are a winning combination.
Cathy Pegau, author of Murder on the Last Frontier

Find out more about Services & Fees, Getting on the Schedule, Free Sample Edits, and Answers to Sometimes Asked Questions!

Meankitty Editing Philosophy:

Your book:
Is not your baby. Why do I know? Because I’m willing to help you with your book, and I avoid babies.

Your book:
Is not perfect. Why do I know? There is no such thing as a perfect book or a perfect editor. The trick is finding the right editor for your book. Maybe it’s me. Worth a shot, right?

Your book:
Is not guaranteed to sell to any particular publisher or agent or to a great swathe of readers once we have completed our edits together. If it does, though, that is fantastic! Let me know and Meankitty and I will create a celebratory cat meme just for you.

Your book:
Is still yours, no matter how much I nag about stuff that I think detracts from the reading experience. You make the final decisions, not me.

Your book:
Might be an historical, and if it is you should check out freelance editors Trish Milburn and Lea Schafer instead of me!

Meankitty Editing Experience Besides The Editing Itself:

  • MFA in Creative Writing, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1994
  • 4 years of experience teaching college English and literature, in the 90s
  • Five or so years doing technical editing and advertising copy that may or may not apply, but eh, I’ll mention them. Hey, also in the 90s!
  • 8 years of experience coordinating MCRW’s romance novel writing contest, including judge training, overseeing judges, organizing contestants, critiquing finalists who requested it, and being a control freak Grammar Wench
  • 20 years of experience as a published author, dealing with the authorial side of revisions and edits
  • Unknown years of experience volunteering as editor for various RWA chapter newsletters
  • Occasional forays into teaching workshops on writing, creativity enhancement, grammar and mechanics

Find out more about Services & Fees, Getting on the Schedule, Free Sample Edits, and Answers to Sometimes Asked Questions!