Services and Fees

a grey tabby cat with a white chest batting at the camera because she doesn't like the types of edits i offer

Types of Edits? All edits are completed using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes, some cat hair, and coffee.

The Paw: .0025 cents a word (minimum $25 / 10,000 words)
Proofreading is a final pass that checks for glitches, mechanical errors, obvious typos, homonym mayhem, that sort of thing. Manuscripts to be proofread should be almost ready for their big debut. I will not be verifying that you have consistently applied a personal style sheet. That’s copyediting. If you purchase proofreading services and I believe the manuscript is in need of copyediting (IE if there are several significant grammar errors per page), I will give you the option of an upgrade, or we can high five and part ways.

The Claw: .005 cents a word (minimum $50 / 10,000 words)
Copyediting. Some proofreading is included, but Meankitty Editing copyedits focus on clarity, grammar and mechanics, sentence structure, vibrant language, delicious commas, word echoes, and development of and consistency in your personal style sheet. Infrequently, I may mention plot, characterization, and worldbuilding tweaks as they touch on discussions of copyediting matters. This service is primarily about the words already on the page.

a pale colored tabby cat laughing out in the green grass. Also this page is about the types of edits I offer.

The Fang: .01 cents a word (minimum $100 / 10,000 words)
Line Editing with Some Content Editing. This is where I roll around in the manuscript as if I am your critique partner. I almost instantly become irreverent, snarky, overly familiar, and inclined to fist-bump you at random intervals. This service is not for the delicate of ego or nearly-there manuscript. We can work on worldbuilding, characterization and motivation, glossaries/story bibles, plot coherency, dialogue to narrative balance, theme, pacing, de-infodumping, and so on, with some attention paid to copyediting matters. The Fang does not take the place of a proofread, as the Fang might result in large revisions. If I read your book and believe I can’t offer you sufficient Fang, you can decide if you want to downgrade to Claws or Paws. I can, at that point, include the irreverence and snark for free.


I will not pressure you to stick with my offerings if I can’t provide the service you originally wanted. At all times, I will be honest with you and let you know if my skills mesh with your story. If I don’t think I can help you, whether based on your writing style, your genre, or your content, I will let you know as soon as possible. As long as I’ve only completed a free sample edit for you, I will refund any money paid for standard services.

However, if I have already completed partial edits for you, and you decide I’m not the editor for you, please be aware I will only offer you a partial refund.

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