Welcome to Tarakona!

Welcome to Tarakona, a planet where dragons are full of magic that only wizards can use. Hidden deep in a catacomb beneath Valiant City, Tarakona hosts a dimensional portal that connects to Earth, near the wild, wonderful city of Magic, New Mexico, a shared world helmed by author SE Smith.

The Dragons of Tarakona is a growing fantasy romance series by authors Jody Wallace and DB Sieders. Each book is lovingly crafted by one of the authors while the other one sends constant emails and texts like ‘is it done yet’ and ‘don’t forget to put that thing about the thing’ and ‘is it done yet can i read it?’ So far in the series we have: Silver Bound, Silver Unleashed, Red at Night, Red in the Morning, Gold Rush, Gold Fever, Blue Streak, and Blue Guard (with Enchanted Pearl and Pearl of Wisdom coming soon). See our theme yet? 🙂 Each cover below leads to full blurbs and buy links.

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Silver Bound: Dragons of Tarakona #1

Nadia is a rare silver dragon who has been in captivity all of her life. When she manages to escape from Tarakona to a world called Earth, can she trust the handsome wizard who finds her and promises that he just wants to keep her safe?

The beginning of the Dragons of Tarakona is shiny…and kind of violent!

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Silver Unleashed: Dragons of Tarakona #2

Gillian Hohenwald, Earth scientist, doesn’t believe in magic until she sees a man appear from out of nowhere and then turn into a magnificent silver dragon. Can she and Aiden, the silver dragon in search of his sister, use her science to keep all dragons on Tarakona safe from those who would abuse them? Or is there more to Gillian than she ever realized?

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red at night cover

Red at Night: Dragons of Tarakona #3

Alliah helped her red dragon sister Katia kill their evil master Torren and now she must free the other dragons from Torren’s stable before they are taken captive yet again. Yes, even that grouchy, hateful crystal dragon Torren kept locked in the dungeon…

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red in the morning cover

Red in the Morning: Dragons of Tarakona #4

Katia Red has been left to guard the portal between Tarakona and Earth and prevent unauthorized access. But when the ferocious sounds of a dragon battle filter through from Earth, what can she do but go to the rescue of more of her captive comrades? But on Earth, dragons aren’t captives. And sexy Ju Long Shu is not the kind of Dragon Master she thinks he is…

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Gold Rush: Dragons of Tarakona #5

Oksana Popov thought she was a scientist from Earth. When she discovers she’s a gold dragon from Tarakona, she must rely on rascally wizard Wade Insbrook to help her through this entire change of worldview. Unfortunately, a demon from Wade’s past has other plans for their future…and they aren’t pretty.

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Gold Fever: Dragons of Tarakona #6

Sienna Gold’s gang leader Wade Insbrook has disappeared on the world called Earth, and she must rescue him or greedy wizards will take all the dragons in their secret gang captive. But she needs a wizard of her own to travel to Earth, and she knows just the right one — Declan Amari. Grouch, recluse, secret wizard, and hottie.

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Cover of Blue Streak by DB Sieders

Blue Streak: Dragons of Tarakona #7

Tatiana Blue is a fast-flying water dragonshifter of impeccable breeding and high social standing with a wizard to match. She’s the perfect contender for the race that will win her a spot on the elite Blue Guard. Until, that is, another Ranvie Blue enters the competition, a handsome bad boy from the slums of Valiant City. But these rivals will have to become allies when they land in hostile territory…on another planet.

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blue guard cover

Blue Guard: Dragons of Tarakona #8

Zuri Kaleo and Cornelius Blue are enemies on the same mission: find out what happened at the Blue Guard trials and stop it from ever happening again. Neither can tell the other the truth–yet they find themselves falling in love regardless.

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pearl dana

New: Enchanted Pearl!

She’s a mermaid out of water. He’s the man who can quench her thirst. The wayward mermaid and rogue sorcerer turn from rivals to allies…and lovers. But their romance can only survive if they get the painted pearl back from a mad sea god who plans to use its power to flood the earth.

Also Coming Soon (from me): Pearl of Wisdom! (February 2021)

FAQs about Dragons of Tarakona!

Q1) What is the general premise of your world of Tarakona?

A1) Thank you for asking, Dana! I mean, random reader! In Tarakona, people are all born human. During their tumultuous teen years, every single person comes into their variant. They stay human or become a dragon or wizard. Dragon shifters are full of magical powers…but that power can only be accessed by Tarakonan wizards. As such, wizards on Tarakona are the top brass, and they “own” dragons and use their magic in various ways, while poor ole humans scrabble around and try to make ends meet. And some wizards, I am sure, are good people.

Q2) What is this place on Earth where the dragons keep ending up?

A2) The shared world of Magic, New Mexico, is a brain child of author SE Smith, who created a mythical and protected sanctuary for all not-totally-evil types of supernatural and alien beings. Magic is protected by a barrier that protects its diverse inhabitants. Inside this shared world, many varieties of characters and stories have been born, and our stories involve dragon shifters and wizards from the world of Tarakona who just so happen to have a portal between the dimensions that is close enough to Magic for the plots to be realistic. As realistic as completely made up supernatural magic magic SCIENCE magic stuff can be!

Q3) What color is next?

A3) No idea! Green. No, orange. I like brown. Maybe PINK! (THERE ARE NO PINK DRAGONS STOP IT)