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Looking for books with kissing and cats? As Jody Wallace, I write in several subgenres of romance. Most of what I write is at least a little funny. According to me, anyway. Romance genres I’ve conquered like a boss include SF&Fantasy Romance and Contemporary. I also have written WTF (what the frick is this??); and one single YA because why not.

If you prefer to see books by SERIES, I’m fixing up a page for that, though many of my books are standalones. I also compiled a list of common TROPES that appear in my work.

Newest Releases

catapult by jody wallace

SF and Fantasy Romance

Cat Ship Series (SF) – (These have the highest density of kissing and cats)

Catalyst by Jody wallace is a futuristic lady sitting beside an orange cat
catapult by jody wallace
Coming Next:
Awesome catty stuff!

Dragons of Tarakona – Cowritten with DB Sieders (Fantasy)

cover of silver bound by jody wallace
cover for silver unleashed by db sieders
red at night by jody wallace
red in the morning by db sieders
gold rush cover
gold fever by db sieders
Cover of Blue Streak by DB Sieders

Maelstrom Trilogy (SF)

the cover of angeli by jody wallace is a bare chested man and an icy background

the cover of prodigal by jody wlalace is a bare chested man but in the book he's not naked that much
the cover of prodigal by jodywallace is a naked man chest because this style of cover is popular for romance

Fae Realm (Fantasy)

Survival of the FAirest cover
One Thousand Kisses Book Cover
Coming Next:
the cover for sea change by jody wallace

Felidae (Fantasy)

Somnium (Fantasy)

cooley's panther cover
stalking evan cover
tangible cover
disciple by jody wallace

Shifters (Fantasy)

Middle Kingdoms (Fairy Tale)

pack and coven by jody wallace
witch interrupted by jody wallace
wintertide spell by jody wallace a free short story
a spell for susannah by jody wallace

SF and Fantasy Not That Romancey

a mage by any other name by jody wallace fantasy novella
the whole truth by jody wallace
field trip by jody wallace

Contemporary Romance & YA

what she deserves cover
holiday on ice cover
kiss the bride cover
behind the mask cover
Here’s That Kid-Safe YA…
the worst christmas by jody wallace


earthbound passion by jody wallace
martian conquest by jody wallace
far galaxies by jody wallace
Whatsoever He Might Kind of Want or Desire

Free Short Stories and Anthologies

tiny treats 2 cover
Pixie's tale
Welcome to Dunvegas
The Heart Shaped Box is a cover of an anthology by many authors

I guess I should write another book.

–Jody Wallace, October 2020