Blue Guard

Cover of blue Guard by jody wallace

BLUE GUARD (Dragons of Tarakona 8)
by Jody Wallace
Release Date: July 2020
Genre: SF/F Romance
Length: Novella (40K)
Rating: PG-13/R
Cover: Candice Gilmer
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Two operatives, two sides, same mission: if they choose to accept each other.

Cornelius Blue is a dragon and tracker, not a diplomat. A deadly interruption of the Blue Guard Trials, which should have begun an era of exploration for Cornelius’s nation, threatens to crush his dreams of exploring his home world. So what’s he doing in Magic, New Mexico, attempting to convince a dubious city council that his planet, Tarakona, should be allowed an embassy? Why is he playing statesman when he should be investigating the catastrophe?

Zuri Kaleo is a spy and wizard, not a seductress. And she should be, secretly, deciphering the disaster of the trials as well. But no, her king reassigned her to Magic, New Mexico, to sweet-talk a stubborn blue dragon out of building an embassy on Earth. Because an embassy there—as well as Cornelius’s thirst for exploring Tarakona itself—might reveal the biggest secret Tarakona has ever known.

When Zuri discovers another spy was sent to disrupt the Blue Guard Trials, questions beg for answers. Surely no one was meant to die, were they? The Pirate King wouldn’t have ordered that, would he? If only Neil was her teammate instead of her enemy, they could discover the truth together. And perhaps find each other in the process.

NOTE: This novella is the companion to DB Sieders’ Blue Streak (below) which is chock-a-block full of romance, gnomes (but not romance with gnomes) and adventure.

Cover of Blue Streak by DB Sieders

BLUE STREAK (Dragons of Tarakona 7)
by DB Sieders
Release Date: June 2019
Genre: SF/F Romance
Length: Novel (35K)
Rating: PG-13/R
Cover: Candice Gilmer
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In this race, love is the ultimate prize.

Tatiana Blue is a fast-flying water dragonshifter of impeccable breeding and high social standing with a wizard to match. She’s the perfect contender for the race that will win her a spot on the elite Blue Guard. Until, that is, another blue dragon enters the competition, a handsome bad boy from the slums of Valiant City. But these rivals will have to become allies when they land in hostile territory…on another planet.

Ranvie Blue appears to be a carefree rogue, member of a wizard-run dragon gang that dominates the human warrens. But looks can be deceiving. When the race catapults him and his alluring rival out of their dimension and to Earth, the two blue dragons must team up to save themselves and the enchanted town of Magic, New Mexico, from a magical anti-immigrant group that seeks to destroy enchanted creatures from other worlds or dimensions.

Can an uptown lady dragon find common ground and passion with a dragon from the streets, or will their differences lead them and the citizens of Magic down the path of destruction?

Tropes: Rich girl, poor guy; rivals to lovers.

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