The Good Time Vampire Escort Service

the good time vampire escort service book is a handsome black man in a suit looking to the sideTitle: The Good Time Vampire Escort Service
Published by: Meankitty Publishing
Release Date: 2024
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Dwayne Stacey isn't your ordinary former Superbowl MVP-turned-suave-handsome-vampire fifty years after Flu-V tried to decimate the population of Earth. No, Dwayne is a man on a mission, and that mission is to convince the NFO bigwigs at the Vince Lombardi Gala and Silent Auction that a Vampire Football League is where it's at. His agent at the Good Time Vampire Escort Service has gotten him a ticket to the event, and he suspects this may be his last shot at the goal.

Because if he doesn't increase his income soon, he's going to lose his preferred standard of living, or unliving, as it were. Not only that, but as his preferred standard of living includes a pitchfork-wielding-mob proof security system, he might lose a lot more than his fine digs.

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