Behind the Mask

book cover for behind the mask by jody wallace which is a very sexy rock star romance with a heroine who has rage issuesTitle: Behind the Mask (Blue Silver)
Published by: Meankitty Publishing
Release Date: March 2015
Contributors: Jody Wallace
Pages: 110
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When foul-mouthed Arliss meets the earthy-crunchy bassist for the comeback band, Blue Silver, more than sparks fly.

Arliss Pacifica Edgeworth, poor little rich girl, made friends in high school by pretending to be somebody she wasn't—a huge fan of the pop band Blue Silver. After she attempts to use her Daddy's money to treat her friends to a once in a lifetime Blue Silver concert and the limo breaks down en route, she and her friends drift apart.

Flash forward a couple decades and Arliss gets a call about a second chance at the concert of a lifetime on the Blue Silver reunion tour. A very special concert, where the former "Silverettes" can attend an after-party with the band members themselves. Should Arliss risk showing her friends…and any sexy band members who happen to be entranced by her foul mouth, bad attitude, and big ass…what's really behind her mask?

28000 words. Rated R for adult language, adult situations, rageful ranting from a dubiously likeable heroine, and drunkenness.

Author’s First Note: This story is part of a really rockin’ continuity series undertaken with authors Megan Hart and Natalie Damschroder. Hart’s story, NOTHING LIKE THE SUN, describes the concert weekend from the viewpoint of Georgie, and Damschroder’s two stories about the indomitable Cassie are LOST OUR FOREVER and REBUILDING FOREVER.

Author’s Second Note: This story was originally published as BEHIND THE MASK by Ellie Marvel via Amber Quill Press from 2006-2013. This edition is updated and tweaked, but not substantially.

The Whole Truth

cover for the whole truth by jody wallaceTitle: The Whole Truth
Published by: Meankitty Publishing
Release Date: October 2013
Contributors: Jody Wallace
Pages: 350
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Cleopatra Giancarlo is different from your average twenty something career girl. For one thing, she knows when people lie because she can see the truth in their shadows. For another, she doesn’t use her power for good. Or evil. After repeated failures to help others, she mostly just uses it to get deals at Bloomingdale’s. She fears what the government would do if they discovered her ability, yet she longs to find out if there are people like her out there. If there’s anything more she could be.

She gets her wish when two strangers whisk her away from her old life and introduce her to the world of suprasensors. John and Samantha represent an organization called YuriCorp, one of many privately-owned firms that employ supras to increase their profit margin. Any of these firms would be thrilled to have Cleo on staff, and their methods of recruitment aren’t always friendly.

But even in the world of supras, Cleo isn’t safe. Her new boss wants her to go undercover and seek traitors in the company ranks. Her new friends know what she can do and how to work around it. And when someone starts wiping out supras, her new assignment might end up with her in a coma—or worse.

Note: This novel contains lots of profanity and attitude and some violence and sexxoring.