5 crochet peens that resemble the Avengers and a Black Widow Pop FigureThe Peenvengers are a hardy band of do-gooders who frequently save the world from danger, despite their lack of opposable thumbs. They are also crochet peens. They have photographically-captured adventures you can peruse below. At current their members are Thor, Ironpeen, Captain Ameripeen, Hulk, Antpeen, and Black Widow (BW), though she is somewhat different in form from the peeny members of the troop.

Their adventures are just beginning!

The Peenvengers Vs. Justin Beaver (Photos by Jody Wallace, Petra Grayson)
1. Another Day in the Clubhouse
2. Who Can Handle the Hammer?
3. Thor’s Comeuppance
4: The Peenvengers Fight Justin Beaver
5: The Blame Game
6: Entering the Planning Stage
7: STILL in the Planning Stage
8: A Beaver’s Worst
9: What Are They Missing?
10: Men! To Arms!
11. Divide and…Conquer?
12: The Search Continues
13. Where Danger Lurks
14. Ambush!
15: The Calm Before the Storm
16: The Elevator…of DOOM!
17: Bad at Taking Advice
18: Waiting for rescue
19: Taking on the Beaver
20: Don’t Lose Your Head, Cap!
21: Distracting the Beaver
22: The Temptation of the Beaver
23: Victorious!
4: Triumphant Return
25. In the Hot Seat with PNN News
26. Forgetting about the Beav

PEENVENGERS PROFILES of more crochet peens:


Justin Beaver



If you would like to see more comic strips featuring the Peenvengers, I would love to hear your ideas! Mostly because I love to talk about how ridiculous this whole concept is and whether I should keep doing it. Let’s just say I do have a crochet manpart that is in a specific golden color who may or may not want to wage an Infinity War upon the poor Peenvengers. Should I do it??