Crocheting and Other Crafts

yellow variegated star earrings

I Do Crochet

In addition to writing, I practice a few crafts that involve yarn and fabric. It’s crochet by Jody Wallace! Preferably small projects, like earrings and amigurumi, because I don’t have the time/patience for afghans and quilts. I have an Etsy page called Crafty Meankitty for the naughtier things I make and an earring store with my daughter at So Crafty Kitten.

But I gotta hook SOME, you know? I relish hooking “the end” on a project as much as I relish writing “the end” on a story. Crochet by Jody Wallace tends to be short and sweet. Well, not necessarily sweet. My crafting projects are a lot like novelettes instead of novels so I can enjoy that gleeful finishing sensation more frequently.

a black cat sitting between bunch of crocheted succulents

Clearly one of my arts =/= photography, but I have to have SOME weaknesses.

And More!

At one point I was involved in my kids’ after-school musical theater classes in order to help with costuming. (And I may have been conned into performing as a tap dancing Jedi once when a kid in the performance couldn’t make it.) I own a vintage clothing collection that serves no purpose beyond to make me happy and to fill our basement, so I am actually trying to SELL IT. I have rudimentary sewing abilities. But my real aptitude with costuming–beyond my thrift-store cheap-wad savvy–has been crocheting custom hats and…other things.

For example, here’s the puffer fish hat I made for a production of Disney Jr’s Little Mermaid.

puffer fish had that is an example of crochet by jody wallace who is also an author

If you’re a hooker, too, feel free to drop me a line. I know all sorts of people I can talk to about writing, but my hooker circle is limited!

So the crafty art I hope to get better at, both for myself and for friends, is the art of the refashion — taking existing clothing items and turning them into things I like better. I’ve also seen this called upcycling and rehashing. The blog that turned me onto this was New Dress A Day.

I also have a Ravelry account (

Last but not least, if you want to know more about naughty crochet, the peens have their own page!

2 thoughts on “Crocheting and Other Crafts”

  1. Jody, i really puffer fish, just too cute with beautiful color combinations, can i please have the pattern for the same, i would really to make one for my little one? Also how can i subscribe to your blog to get these posts in my inbox?


    1. Hi Hannah!

      I didn’t have a pattern. I made a regular size knit cap for the base and then a giant ball for the puffer. I put the eyes and spines on the puffer. I attached them around the base of both, with the regular sized one on the inside, and before I finished the attachment stitch off, I stuffed the puffer!

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