Free Stories and Other Goodies

Free stories from Jody Wallace? Sure! What else can you get from me without having to spend money?

1. Answers to relatively polite emails.

2. A newsletter, periodically.

3. Plentiful cat jokes and hilarious stories about meankitties at my “hobby” website, Mostly SFW and SFKids. It’s a long-standing site since 2000, yep, 2000. You gotta be really on the ball to maintain a domain name for that long!

4. Some short fiction! All of these stories stand alone, though some are related to other series. Note that the covers themselves are not linked because I am fighting with html and can’t figure out how to do it in this particular WordPress block. But the links are right afterward.

If you’re a reviewer, I keep ARCs on hand of most of my work, too.

5. There is also some degree of humor, wit, and entertainment to be found for free on the website where I’m trying to sell off my vintage clothing collection without being a very good photographer or a very good seamstress or a very good expert on vintage.