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cat with his head on my laptopReaching this page means you have successfully signed up for my newsletter. Right now I use the Mad Mimi newsletter service, and the emails from me, if you want to whitelist the address, will come from jodywallace at meankitty dot com. Pretty easy to remember, huh?

Like you probably just saw on the FIRST confirmation page — I have double confirmations so people can’t sign you up without you knowing — my newsletter will come out about once a month, it will have cats in it, and it will have some semblance of career updates as I write and crochet my way into fame and fortune. Sometimes I include free reads, serials, and information about other authors’ books I loved.

If you want more cats NOW, check out! That is a site I’ve maintained for mumble mumble years, in many incarnations, but it’s fantastic. Seriously. The cats help me write and edit, their attitude is all up in my books and characters, and their hair is all over my clothes. I’m just a real catty person, I guess.

If you want to learn more about ME now and what I write, well, you’re on my website. Click some links! You can start here.