Dragons of Tarakona Get a SpokesLizard

The cover for blue guard by jody wallace on a fancy blended blue background
A brown bearded dragon on a pink blanket and a yellow quilt is the mascot for dragons of tarakona novels
Kevin would like a roach as a reward for being the dragons of Tarakona romance mascot, please.

Kevin is a bearded dragon who is now the dragons of Tarakona romance novel spokeslizard. He came to live at our house a year and a half ago after the Husband took The Second Child to an exotic animal show. The appearance of a large lizard in a Tupperware box was both unexpected and fraught with peril, as bearded dragons and other exotic pets are not cats. They have nitpicky needs, like cages and heat lamps and BUGS that they need to survive. The result was a mad scramble to learn about bearded dragons and the eventual inclusion of Kevin into our family’s hearts.

I love Kevin. We all do. He is very dumb. He likes to go without eating for just long enough to freak everyone out and sometimes hurl himself across his cage and hurt his leg. One time Kid1 left his cage open and we found him clinging to the curtains in the office next to the front door, just hanging out. The cats are curious about him and we have had to make numerous modifications to his cage in order to ensure his safety–and theirs.

Anyway, exotic pets are a lot of work, but rewarding! I have released a Very Special Newsletter with a story about Kevin and his Very Special Roaches, and if you email me I will send you an exclusive copy!

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