Looking for books with kissing and cats? As Jody Wallace, I write in several subgenres of romance. Most of what I write is at least a little funny. According to me, anyway. My stories typically have fantasy or SF elements, but a few jump genres. For example, I have written WTF (what the frick is this??) and one single YA because why not. I also compiled a list of common TROPES that appear in my work. You can also check my REAM SUBSCRIPTION to see what I have on offer.

Newest Releases

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(Because they are serials, some stories exist both as New Releases and Coming Soon.)

Cat Ship (SF)

Serials at REAM (one monthly fee)

Dragons of Tarakona (Paranormal)

Maelstrom Trilogy (SF)

Fae Realm (Fantasy)

Felidae (Paranormal)

Somnium Duology (Urban Fantasy)

Shifters (Paranormal)

Middle Kingdoms (Fantasy)

Tallwood Tall Tales (Contemporary)

Standalone Stories (SF/F)

Nonsense (WTF)

Short Stories of All Types (Usually Free)