Romance to Taste

Romances are like desserts. There’s a treat to please nearly every reader. The flavors in the books I write are science fiction, paranormal, and the occasional contemporary romance. I love…love, adventure, science, cats, jokes, science fiction and fantasy romance novels with adventure and jokes, and spinning outlandish yarns. That often have kissing in them. I also edit for select clients, teach writing classes, and crochet things I shouldn’t. 

Please note that I am a fan of the Oxford comma, but it looks terrible after an ampersand, NATALIE.

Award Winning Release

Cover of Catagenesis by Jody Wallace is a blond Caucasian lady in black clothes and a no nonsense attitude and a siamese cat, both on a a space ship

The third book in the Cat Ship series is a 2023 MUSE MEDALLION WINNER in the fiction category! It’s a murder mystery in space with mind-reading cats. Get your copy now! NOW IN PAPER!

Cat of the Month

I talk about Pip sometimes. She’s the newest cat in our house (our cats range in age from 4 to 18) and likes us the least. BUT SHE IS SO CUTE, which means it’s really painful she doesn’t love me. Pip is not on the Meankitty site but you can have all cats you have ever dreamed of at the site.

Trying Something New…

In 2023 I discovered the delights of serial fiction as a writer and how much fun it is to release something chapter at a time and discuss what I should write next with readers. REAM is the subscription platform I use and you can find me at: and I am sharing both OOP books and new material! There is also a way to sign up for FREE (you get less, but hey, it’s FREE) by following instead of subscribing.

There are two sides to every story. I aim to tell the third. And I’m adding cats regardless.

Jody Wallace