Romance to Taste

Romances are like desserts. There’s a treat to please nearly every reader. The flavors in the books I write are science fiction, paranormal, and the occasional contemporary romance. I love…love, adventure, science, cats, jokes, science fiction and fantasy romance novels with adventure and jokes, and spinning outlandish yarns. That often have kissing in them. Though I have over 30 books published, I can’t say there’s something for everyone, but if you enjoy science fiction and fantasy romance, romantic comedy, adventure, and cats, I’ve definitely got a story for you. I also edit for select clients, teaching writing classes, and crochet things I shouldn’t. 

Please note that I am a fan of the Oxford comma, but it looks terrible after an ampersand, NATALIE.

Wide Release

the cover for 1000 kisses by jody wallace is two people about to smooch and a green cat is part of the fancy title font because cats are awesome

For awhile the Fae Realm books were only available on the Zon, but I have duffed up and put them on all e-tailers again!

It does absolutely have cats in it.

Cat of the Month

a ginger cat looking at camera

Charlie is not on the Meankitty site and honestly, he wouldn’t be. But if you LIKE your kitties naughty and mean, you can have all cats you have ever dreamed of at the Meankitty site.

Free for a while

cover for defender

This book is temporarily free in a LOT of places…

During apocalypse romance and adventure!

There are two sides to every story. I aim to tell the third. And I’m adding cats regardless.

Jody Wallace