Vintage Clothing

Over the course of mumble years, I have amassed a hoard of vintage clothing, almost none of which fits anymore, if it ever did. I have worn what I could and also helped costume for various musical theater projects with my darling polyester. Almost everything I own was stumbled across at a thrift, declared too ugly and precious for this world, and clutched lovingly to my bosom as a result.

Now I have to cull this delightful stash of vintage clothing to bring the contents of our house and our future smaller house to a more manageable level. And I would love for you to benefit! Feel free to reach out and be a part of this painful yet necessary process. Help me through it by loving my stuff as much as I do. You can find my items for sale at ! I have a LOT and I’m adding it bit by bit, so be sure to subscribe if you’re into vintage.

Or if you’re into flash fiction. Some of the items are getting stories.

In the beginning I…hung some stuff up.

Here were some things I did not hang up. The cats enjoyed all those soft items laying around, I can assure you. This is…not a cat-free home.

Again, be sure to visit !