Mr. Elf’s Very Grumpy Bride

mr elfs very grumpy bride coverTitle: Mr. Elf's Very Grumpy Bride
Published by: Meankitty Publishing
Release Date: 2024
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The elven lord takes a bride - and a very cranky bride she is!

A grumpy human woman meets her match in an elven lord desperate to save his sister, even if it means wedding a stranger. Join Arliss Pacifica Edgeworth, the crankiest heroine, when a brouhaha at an interdimensional dating agency winds up with her bound to an elven duke seeking a mate to strengthen his magic in time to save the life of his beloved younger sister.

The fae realm split from the human realm millenia ago due to the mismatch between human and elven psyches. The only way an elf is safe in this dimension or a human safe in the elven dimension is if they are mentally linked to one another. Additionally, bonding to the right human means the elf in question has more power stability and can work greater magical spells, including healing ones.

Or deadly ones.

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(Heat Level Predicted: mainstream romance at best, not erotic.)