Unwilling Pilot

unwilling pilot by jody wallaceTitle: Unwilling Pilot
Published by: Meankitty Publishing
Release Date: 2023
Contributors: Jody Wallace
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A rip roaring adventure in space with a snarky heroine and way too much nonsense!

Captain Megan Malone, Stellar Transport's top zip ship pilot, hasn't had a day off in three hundred turns. A pilot at her psi level has all the credits and exotic destination anyone could want but none of the stability or the relationships. When her boss refuses her vacation request yet again and insists she fly a long-term diplomatic mission to Elteri, Megan is forced into a corner, and something's going to get burned.

Either her psi...or her job.

But what she doesn't realize is that zip ship pilots are being abducted from settled planets, and her company fears she may be next.

This science fiction romance adventure will take all of us places we do not expect! Primarily because I am still writing it, and you can join me.