The Heat Effect

The Heat Effect by Jody WallaceTitle: The Heat Effect
Published by: Meankitty Publishing
Release Date: 2023
Contributors: Jody Wallace
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Best friends to lovers, scifi style!

What's a mild-mannered alien male to do when he goes into heat far from his home and the only compatible mate around is an unsophisticated Terran mining specialist? Tarkin, a Gitternian trader, courts his friend Sarai McNally when his cycle awakens. If he can't seduce her, he’ll suffer a transformation called “the dwindling” that will render him celibate and less-than forever.

Sarai has loved Tarkin for years, but it’s common knowledge Gitternians don’t intermingle with other species. When Tarkin propositions her, Sarai reacts by fleeing in confusion. But when an espionage plot at the company where Sarai works goes sour, they're forced into the same proximity, and forced to make a choice. Become bondmates to save Tarkin's soul or separate forever? And that's assuming they can survive the infiltrators determined to eliminate all witnesses to their theft.

Author's Note: This was previously published a long time ago by Red Sage Publishing. In the serial format, it will be edited substantially. The content is VERY spicy.