Pearl of Wisdom

the cover for pearl of wisdom by jody wallaceTitle: Pearl of Wisdom
Series: Dragons of Tarakona #10
Published by: Meankitty Publishing
Release Date: May 17, 2021
Contributors: Jody Wallace
Pages: 250
Genre: , , , ,



Blackmailed by the only man who can heal her—what’s a Pearl to do?

Pearl Courtier is a nobody. A human from Tarakona who just happens to have a famous wizard brother. When a lab accident transforms her into a walking lie detector, Pearl travels across worlds to seek help from a wizard on another planet.

But stiff-necked enchanter Everett DeBoer only agrees to remove her curse if she’ll pretend to be his girlfriend, accompany him to a business conference, and tell him which of his colleagues are lying. What will Pearl do when she discovers his own lies—and how deadly they might be for both of them?

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