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In my most recent newsletter, I updated my subscribers about my audiobook news, some releases in Magic, New Mexico, and included a free holiday short story! To encourage more folks to sign up for the newsletter, I will include the first page of the story here and then the sign up link. So if you sign up — let me know and I’ll make sure you get the whole story! I love having subscribers — it’s like I have friends I email every month, ha. (Please note that I email my friends a lot, too, and in fact they get real sick of texts about cat vomit and why am I so tired.)

New Year’s Magic, by Jody Wallace

At precisely 12:00 am on New Year’s Day, when he came at her for a celebratory kiss, Ana’s date turned into a pumpkin.

“Crap!” Ana snatched up the large gourd before any of her fellow revelers smashed it. The residual effects of the spell should prevent bystanders from noticing the transmogrification, but the spell to change Jimmy back into the human he’d been ten seconds ago wouldn’t work on pumpkin pulp.

a crochet cat butt on a pumpkin
A pumpkin…and a cat butt!

She was going to kill that damn cat. This time, she was really going to do it.

Leading with the pumpkin, she pushed free of the throng. Confetti and balloons drifted from the ceiling as the crowd broke into a drunken rendition of Auld Lang Syne. Her stilettos pinched her toes with every stomp.

Not that the date had been going fabulously—it was hard for a sorceress to relax with a normie, even one as cute as Jimmy—but she’d been dateless for too long. The last man who’d truly interested her… Well, the less said about him the better.

Except she’d be saying a lot of things to him here in about twenty minutes. Threatening things.

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