Your Choice, Our Books

How’d you like to get 30 something fantastic books in exchange for something you might want to do anyway? SILVER BOUND and SILVER UNLEASHED by me and my writing partner DB Sieders are part of the Romance for Roe anthology where you get your choice, our books.

The cover for the Romance for Roe anthology

The anthology includes our two paranormal romances plus so much more! You can find all the instructions for the very simple exchange here:

This anthology is only available for a limited time! As are, possibly, freedom of choice and the right to decide whether you want to bear a child. Obviously the second is more important than the first, but the first will help out with the second in a small way.

The cover for blue guard by jody wallace on a fancy blended blue background

Jody Wallace’s 30+ titles in sf/f and contemporary romance feature diverse protagonists, action, adventure, and plenty of cats. Visit her at and the cats at

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