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How’d you like to get 30 something fantastic books in exchange for something you might want to do anyway? SILVER BOUND and SILVER UNLEASHED by me and my writing partner DB Sieders are part of the Romance for Roe anthology where you get your choice, our books.

The cover for the Romance for Roe anthology

The anthology includes our two paranormal romances plus so much more! You can find all the instructions for the very simple exchange here:

This anthology is only available for a limited time! As are, possibly, freedom of choice and the right to decide whether you want to bear a child. Obviously the second is more important than the first, but the first will help out with the second in a small way.

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Jody Wallace’s 30+ titles in sf/f and contemporary romance feature diverse protagonists, action, adventure, and plenty of cats. Visit her at and the cats at

Meankitty Wants to Know: Lea Kirk

A cover for the paranormal romance made for her by author lea kirk


Posting a bit late today because the human is irresponsible. Today’s interview subject is author Lea Kirk. Lea has written a book called MADE FOR HER (and probably some other books) and has already warned me, very sassily, that they are a no-cat household. So we’ll start out with a score of negative one.

Meankitty Wants To Know…

1) So you’ve written a book set in SE Smith’s wacky world of Magic, New Mexico. How many cats are in it?

Two. And they were lucky the heroine’s boss wasn’t hungry or they wouldn’t have made it out of the alley.

MK: OH MY DOG what kind of horrible book is this! I mean, there are cats, which is better than average, but…

2) If there are no cats in it, please explain how cats would probably have made the book better (hint: they definitely would have made the book better). If there are cats how would MORE cats have made the book EVEN BETTER?

I like cats just fine, and so does my antagonist–for completely different reasons. He says that one cat for each meal he consumed during the course of the story ought to be enough. I think the heroine’s two cats that she had to leave with her mother when she moved away are the perfect amount. They are good cats and don’t deserve to be eaten. (stares down Meankitty but blinks first.) Damn.

MK: If your heroine’s a cat person, she deserves SOOOOOOOOO much better than this. How dare you, madam! Let’s see. Two cats in an alley plus negative one plus two cats at the heroine’s mom’s house plus a hero who eats cats equals NEGATIVE HAIRBALL.

Revised for 2021! Well, it’s not the hero who eats cats, it’s the villain. I think you should give me a hairball for that. Besides, I’m not sure cats would like the hero as he’s a vampire.

3) Are there cats in any of your other books?

No, but there are horses, chickens, and a very good dog in various books from my Prophecy series.

Revised for 2021! Yes! In my novella, Skylar’s Gift (part of my Prophecy series), the heroine has a horse, two dogs, and a cat who owns them all. The cat’s name is Tiki, named after my cat when I was a little girl.

4) How about books by other authors with cats? Got any favorites?

Greta van der Rol has a book called For the Greater Good: Puss in Space. That sounds good, even though I haven’t read it yet.

5) If you personally could shift into a cat, please tell us how you would utilize this power?

I’d climb a tree and meow until someone called the firemen to rescue me.

MK: I would give you a few positive points for this if you climbed down just as the harried firemen were taking out their ladders and went and twined around their legs while purring.

I don’t know if I’m brave enough to interview more authors after this kind of disappointment. WHO AM I KIDDING?? Bring it on, writer humans. You know how to find me.



Dragons for Me, Cats for Evelyn

This week our dragon romance box sets of Dragons of Tarakona paranormal stories released, along with another fantastical book from the worlds of Magic, New Mexico. Alongside me and my cowriter DB Sieders, Evelyn Lederman released a romance called Wild Enchantment with a CAT on the cover!

an ad for 3 new books in the magic, new mexico world. there are dragon romance box sets and a paranormal romance that includes a cat

I also released a newsletter today wherein Meankitty interviewed the cats who own Evelyn, and we got some really good dirt on the human, as always. If you aren’t subscribed, you should be! Check at the top of the page to get yourself hooked up. Here’s the kitties’ introduction of themselves:

Precious, Rudie, and Stefano

Precious: I love sitting next to Evelyn while we watch TV. During the day, I’ll sleep with Rudie, but I don’t like Stefano, he’s a brat! I start the day with my treats, which I share with the other cats. I wasn’t happy when Evelyn adopted the kitties, but Rudie has grown on me.

Rudie: Every morning I wait for Evelyn to give me my treats. I don’t understand why she has to shower first. Stefano always has his nose up my butt, but I growl at him and he leaves me alone for a time. I like playing with my brother, but I don’t like it when he bites my neck trying to show his dominance over me. I sometimes get the best of him, that makes my day.

Stefano: My favorite part of the day is when Evelyn plays with me. I love the laser pointer. She’ll stop when she’s doing laundry or writing so we can play. Rudie used to play with me more, but she’s gotten so lazy. Precious just growls when I approach, she doesn’t have a sense of humor. There’s a bobcat who prowls outside my lanai at 2am and I howl at him. I don’t understand how everyone can sleep when there is so much to do in the wee hours of the morning.

If you are interested in finding out how much $$ you can save with our dragon romance box sets, the answer is at least 30% off the individual book prices. You can check out which box sets include which books: box set 1 and box set 2.

I also encourage you to hop over and check out Evelyn’s new release.

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Jody Wallace’s 30+ titles in sf/f and contemporary romance feature diverse protagonists, action, adventure, and plenty of cats. Visit her at and the cats at

Meankitty Wants to Know: DB Sieders

(– This interview of DB Sieders was conducted with my writing partner several years ago and has been updated with her latest book cover!)

the cover for enchanted pearl by db sieders is a loving loving both with dark hair and purples and pinks in the background

When my human wrote her book about dragon shifters, which is stupid because it wasn’t about CAT shifters, she paired up with another human who is owned by cats, and that human also wrote about dragon shifters. I decided we should probably hear what this other disgraceful author has to say. Will author DB Sieders earn any points on my worthiness scale? Let’s find out.

1) So you’ve written a book set in SE Smith’s wacky world of Magic, New Mexico. How many cats are in it?

Sadly there are no cats in this one, but my dragon hero Aiden is pretty standoffish at first. He could pass for an aloof but secretly lovable kitty if he had the skills to shift into one!

Heroine Gillian does NOT have cat-like reflexes, but she’s super smart, just like a cat (shameless pandering to superior species). She uses her wits as much as her magic to get out of sticky situations.

2) If there are no cats in it, please explain how cats would probably have made the book better (hint: they definitely would have made the book better). If there are cats how would MORE cats have made the book EVEN BETTER?

LOL, I’m sure there are cat shifters in Magic, New Mexico, and there definitely should be more. Probably indoor, though, since it gets wickedly hot during the day. Kitties must be kept safe, cool, and hydrated.

3) Are there cats in any of your other books?

Ooh, the heroine in my current work in progress will be adopting a cat-like creature from the hell realm. She’s a fierce, demon-hunting machine on the outside, but on the inside she’s a big softie. Naturally a demon kitten in peril would tug at her heartstrings. I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t want a paranormal kitty? Or a regular kitty?


I totally need another cat. Any advice on how to get hubby on board?

MK: Get the cat. He won’t even notice. I hear he’s gone a lot.

4) How about books by other authors with cats? Got any favorites?

Of course! Jody Wallace! I also love Jody’s dragons in Silver Bound. This collaboration was so much fun, and I’m sure Barnabas will get a cat for Nadia as a token of his affection.

MK: Since “Jody Wallace” the human whom I own did not put cats in THIS book, it doesn’t matter how many she put in other books. SHE GETS ZERO POINTS.

5) If you personally could shift into a cat, please tell us how you would utilize this power?

I would shift into a cat to nap and to hide from my kiddos!

Pic 1: Poffertje (Dutch for “tiny pancake”), my 17 year old lady kitty who doesn’t care if I shame her for planting her hairy butt on my clean clothes.

Pic 2 = Captain Jack Sparrow, my 3 year old ginger boy who loves to keep my company in the bathroom and get “potty pets.”

So, DB Sieders gets one point. I’d give her another for the nice pets and cuddles, but she always pays more attention to the other cats in this house than she does me. I do like the look of Sassy Captain Jack, though…



Crochet Lace Collars Rocking Some Ruth!

Recently the combined might of Romancelandia auctioned off many coveted books, editing packages, handicrafts, gift cards, and more in Romancing the Runoff. This was to support voter organizations in the state of Georgia during the 2020 elections. The romance authors, readers, editors, fans and newcomers raised over $470,000 by bidding, buying, and participating.

Romancing the Runoff Logo

Many of the auctions were hotly contested, like for the copies of novels by romance and everything superstar Stacey Abrams. While participants could donate directly, the coordinators felt that it might be nice to have some “buy it now” items on offer at slightly smaller prices. Not everyone enjoys tense bidding wars!

But who would even bid on crochet lace collars?

Thinking that hardly anyone would notice anything I did but wanting to help, I offered to crochet 15 Ruth Bader Ginsburg style collars that could be added to Buy It Now for more timid folks like myself. I do know how to make crochet lace collars, even if I don’t know how to sell anything.

a white crochet lace collar like ruth bader ginsburg favored

Imagine my surprise when they sold out almost immediately! I was so thrilled and pleased that I was really going to be able to help, and now I am crocheting 15 collars to send to my new best friends across the United States.

Little and big Ruth Bader Ginsburg collars because my niece wanted one for her American Girl doll
Human collar, doll collar! CERTAINLY NOT A CAT COLLAR, I value my life.

Just what I needed — a craft project IN DECEMBER! No, seriously, I have enjoyed making the collars and talking to all the bidders. We got to select whether they want buttons or ties, that sort of thing. My children no longer really appreciate all that my crocheting genius has to offer. Obviously it behooves me to branch out like this, and not just at the Etsy Store for inappropriate items. Let’s just say there are no crochet lace collars on THAT page.

Have you ever offered to help, thinking you wouldn’t actually BE any help, and then been so thrilled that, well, you got to help??

The cover for blue guard by jody wallace on a fancy blended blue background

Jody Wallace’s 30+ titles in sf/f and contemporary romance feature diverse protagonists, action, adventure, and plenty of cats. Visit her at and the cats at

Zombie…or Cat?

dial v for vampire by isabella norse is a paranormal romantic comedyMeankitty Interviews Zombie, the main character in Dial V for Vampire, about a paranormal romantic comedy series

Recently a Meankitty human friend, Isabella Norse, released the first in a new paranormal romantic comedy series, Dial V for Vampire. The series feels like a cozy mixed with a sweet romance — fade to black or no sex scenes, good natured characters, light drama. After this post, if you have any other suggestions in this vein (LOL) of romance, please let us know!

But for now, the premise of this book is that our heroine, Maggie, has a snarky blog about living with a zombie, but when she comes up with the idea for the blog, she has no idea that supernatural creatures actually exist…

1) So, Zombie, how did you select the heroine of the paranormal romantic comedy to be your new human?

When you find yourself living on the streets, you learn to read people quickly or you don’t survive. Maggie had a good heart – she was always stopping to check on me and to bring me food. Sometimes, she even brought me treats from the diner. Life in a sewer drain was hard on these old bones. Once I earned Maggie’s trust, I gave her the opportunity to take me home with her. How could she resist?

2) Are you really as friendly as you seem in the book or are you biding your time?

I’m a pretty chill guy, but I don’t have the patience for drama. I’m not above raising a paw to a youngster in need of a bit of an attitude adjustment. *cough* Van Helsing *cough*

zombie the cat is a white fuzzy cat who appears in a paranormal romantic comedy series3) Do you have plans for the author/heroine to write future books about your adventures? You can include your methods of brain control or inspiring the non-fictional cats in the author’s life if needed.

I’ll make appearances in future novels but I’m enjoying being out of the lime light. My biggest decisions now are deciding between napping on the window seat (great view) or on Maggie’s laptop (it’s warm and guarantees that I get attention). When I feel the need to intervene, my preferred method of mind control is to sleep on Maggie’s head. She thinks the purrs are relaxing – little does she know that the vibration allows me to transfer my thoughts directly into her mind. I just try to act surprised when she acts on the ideas I implanted.

4) I notice the “heat” level of this paranormal romance book was on the sweet side of things. How do you plan to interrupt any hanky panky the hero and heroine try to get up to in order to keep the books PG rated?

That’s almost too easy! There is always the pile of strategically-placed barf (I can barf at will) or a well-timed swipe at Noah’s dangly bits. However, my favorite is the simple sit-and-stare. It weirds the humans out every time!

5) How did you inspire the heroine to be so smart that she was able to help the hero figure out there was a plot against him?

As much as it pains me to admit, I can’t take credit for that one. Maggie is a sharp girl and she had the advantage of looking at Noah’s situation with fresh eyes. However, I will take full credit for bringing them together. *wraps fluffy tail around paws smugly*

6) Can you share a sample blog entry the heroine wrote about you, Zombie, before she found out the truth about zombies?

Gladly. Just don’t let Maggie know that I can use her laptop – she still thinks she is coming up with all of these ideas on her own!

The care and feeding of zombies:

Well y’all, nursing a zombie back to health is easier said than done. I mean, just how healthy is a zombie anyway? Let’s face it, even on their best days, most zombies could use a facial if not a full-body seaweed wrap.

It has taken some experimentation but, in the event that you also find yourself caring for a zombie and don’t have any fresh brains on hand, (in this economy, who does?) canned tuna will work in a pinch.

Next post: Zombie Hygiene


Thanks for having me, Meankitty!

Zombie and Isabella (Izzy) Norse

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Jody Wallace’s 30+ titles in sf/f and contemporary romance feature diverse protagonists, action, adventure, and plenty of cats. Visit her at and the cats at

Meankitty “Bad Libs” Review: Unthinkable

UnthinkableLast month when my human shared a release day with author Nina Croft, I had the tingling experience of reading her book Unthinkable. And by “reading” I mean I sat on the book and absorbed the story through my posterior area. I read a lot of creative literature by sitting on it, so this contemporary romance with a hint of sci-fi was a gorgeous change of pace. Quite comfortable and glossy with the added attraction that my human was trying to read it, and my sitting on it was very inconvenient for her. In some ways the book reminded me of The Magician’s Nephew except with adult characters faced with boldly stupid situations. Oh, and no talking horses. Or Narnia. Or magicians. Sci-fi, remember?

The book starts off with protagonists Jake and Christa faced with a sparkling challenge. Kind of like when the sun hits an eastern facing window at my house, the one with the prisms in it, and there are suddenly rainbows and dancing lights all over the floor and walls that MUST DIE. Both characters behave unexpectedly about this. Humans, am I right? They’re so boring. Nobody does any parkour off the walls in order to kill a red dot, and there are no hairballs that get hacked up in revenge.

mkmodelnileSoon thereafter, when the character Sadie is introduced, in a scene involving shooting, the plot really starts to get clumsy. The last thing you need in a contemporary romance with a hint of sci-fi is a clumsy shooter, even if the object being shot is metaphorical. I myself am very good at shooting—shooting evil glances, shooting across the floor in pursuit of an enemy, shooting up the stairs when a human is trying to navigate them while carrying a heavy load. Madly enough, Jamie is no Aiden Quinn.

And don’t even get me started about the colonel. The colonel. What can I say about the colonel that I learned through my posterior? The involvement of the colonel in the narrative will leave readers exhausted. It’s a HUGE effort to read through your posterior when there are red dots to chase and the humans keep trying to take the book out from under you. Over and over and over. It’s enough to make a cat hiss, I tell you. The story blindly continues after the exhausting part with the colonel until it seems all cells are lost, and the ending will escape you. It escaped me because the humans hid the dang thing. I think they put it on the top shelf of a bookcase, the one with the glass figurines on it, the one I have yet to scale. But never give up, never surrender! It’s on my things-to-do list. Climb shelf, break glass, finish Unthinkable. The pace of the book was like riding on a motorcycle with a driver who is fearless on a road that winds through a mountain. This is a thing, mind you, that I have never done, as I detest vehicles of all sorts, but it sounded good.

If you are looking for a way to spend a day, this book is definitely an option. The characters and plot are so immense compared to other books on the market today. It’s probably almost as thick as one of those Harry Potter books, you know? At least from a cat’s perspective. Granted, the feline content in the book was only two kilos, not nearly enough. This could have been better, but no author is completely brilliant…not even one with dogs, cats, and a three-legged pig. So I hear. All in all, Unthinkable is a blonde tale about joy, chasing things, and being terrified. You will not be disgusted if you pick this one up!

1263833Rating: 42 squeaking mice and a brave doughnut