Meankitty Wants to Know: Lea Kirk

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Posting a bit late today because the human is irresponsible. Today’s interview subject is author Lea Kirk. Lea has written a book called MADE FOR HER (and probably some other books) and has already warned me, very sassily, that they are a no-cat household. So we’ll start out with a score of negative one.

Meankitty Wants To Know…

1) So you’ve written a book set in SE Smith’s wacky world of Magic, New Mexico. How many cats are in it?

Two. And they were lucky the heroine’s boss wasn’t hungry or they wouldn’t have made it out of the alley.

MK: OH MY DOG what kind of horrible book is this! I mean, there are cats, which is better than average, but…

2) If there are no cats in it, please explain how cats would probably have made the book better (hint: they definitely would have made the book better). If there are cats how would MORE cats have made the book EVEN BETTER?

I like cats just fine, and so does my antagonist–for completely different reasons. He says that one cat for each meal he consumed during the course of the story ought to be enough. I think the heroine’s two cats that she had to leave with her mother when she moved away are the perfect amount. They are good cats and don’t deserve to be eaten. (stares down Meankitty but blinks first.) Damn.

MK: If your heroine’s a cat person, she deserves SOOOOOOOOO much better than this. How dare you, madam! Let’s see. Two cats in an alley plus negative one plus two cats at the heroine’s mom’s house plus a hero who eats cats equals NEGATIVE HAIRBALL.

Revised for 2021! Well, it’s not the hero who eats cats, it’s the villain. I think you should give me a hairball for that. Besides, I’m not sure cats would like the hero as he’s a vampire.

3) Are there cats in any of your other books?

No, but there are horses, chickens, and a very good dog in various books from my Prophecy series.

Revised for 2021! Yes! In my novella, Skylar’s Gift (part of my Prophecy series), the heroine has a horse, two dogs, and a cat who owns them all. The cat’s name is Tiki, named after my cat when I was a little girl.

4) How about books by other authors with cats? Got any favorites?

Greta van der Rol has a book called For the Greater Good: Puss in Space. That sounds good, even though I haven’t read it yet.

5) If you personally could shift into a cat, please tell us how you would utilize this power?

I’d climb a tree and meow until someone called the firemen to rescue me.

MK: I would give you a few positive points for this if you climbed down just as the harried firemen were taking out their ladders and went and twined around their legs while purring.

I don’t know if I’m brave enough to interview more authors after this kind of disappointment. WHO AM I KIDDING?? Bring it on, writer humans. You know how to find me.



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  1. Mk – I’m more inclined to wait for a hot fireman to “rescue” me from the tree and cuddle me against his broad, muscular, manly chest…but I digress. I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know that “the boss” is not the hero. He’s the antagonist. Does that win me any points? Not that I care, you know. Just wondering.

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