These Kittens Look Familiar

Sharing another catty writer prompt today, and I think you’ll agree these kittens look familiar. How do you suppose THIS happened?

A basket of kittens, these kittens look familiar
You open your shirt drawer. Inside it, a cat you don’t recognize has had kittens. The kittens look JUST like your tomcat.

One possibility. Your tomcat let his girlfriend in through the cat door. Another possibility. Your tomcat and his girlfriend are shapeshifters. Another possibility. Grey tabbies are really common and your tomcat had nothing to do with this. Another possibility. They aren’t actually cats but instead are sentient alien beings.

What’s your possibility?

The cover for blue guard by jody wallace on a fancy blended blue background

Jody Wallace’s 30+ titles in sf/f and contemporary romance feature diverse protagonists, action, adventure, and plenty of cats. Visit her at and the cats at

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