Whose Diary Is That?

You probably shouldn’t pick the lock on secret books. Bad things can happen when you unearth a secret cat diary.

You find a locked book. When you unlock it, you realize it's a secret cat diary.

You shouldn’t be invading people’s privacy this way! But since you did…fill us in. What’s kitty been up to? How much danger are you in? Is kitty saving the world or destroying it? You can get a catty writer prompt every Wednesday at my Twitter page or my Facebook page or other places!

The cover for 1000 kisses, a paranormal romance in which a cat plays a significant role (though not as one of the people in the romance)

Jody Wallace’s 30+ titles in sf/f and contemporary romance feature diverse protagonists, action, adventure, and plenty of cats. Visit her at www.jodywallace.com and the cats at www.meankitty.com

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